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Ανδρικό Γάντι ESKA black/camel
  • Ανδρικό Γάντι ESKA black/camel

Ανδρικό Γάντι ESKA black/camel

Ανδρικό Γάντι ESKA black/camel
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Oberhandmaterial: GORE-TEX INFINIUM™

Innenhandmaterial: Hydrophobiertes Hirschleder

Alpine glove with pleasant wear comfort due to deerskin palm. The windproof and breathable GORE® WINDSTOPPER® material layering makes this a real all-rounder style. Ideally suited as an inner glove for the 3105 MULTI SHIELD X glove.



Gloves engineered with WINDSTOPPER® product technology offer absolute windproofness and water resistance while being extremely breathable. The latest enhancements to our WINDSTOPPER® laminates are designed for exceptional skin comfort.

American white-tailed deer

American white-tailed deer

American white-tailed deer live in large areas or preserves, are free-roaming and not constrained. The deerskins are suitable for smooth or nappa leather dressing, the tanning is chrome tannage, with aniline-based water-repellent finish (not pigmented). Approx. 0.9 to 1.1 mm thick and with a soft, silicone-based dressing, this leather is ideally suited for gloves and clothing exposed to hard-wearing conditions. The skins are small-pored, when finished and dressed as described above they have low moisture and water absorbency and produce a decidedly soft crumpled, durable glove.


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