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Γάντια σκι Multi Shield X ESKA black/white
  • Γάντια σκι Multi Shield X ESKA black/white

Ανδρικά Γάντια σκι Multi Shield X ESKA black/white

Ανδρικά Γάντια σκι Multi Shield X ESKA black/white
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Shell: soft strech

Palm: deerskin hydro

Very soft allround glove with extremely robust deerskin palm protects reliably against the wind and moisture in all snow conditions thanks to the SK shield
Insert. Excellent warming PrimaLoft® Gold Insulation and optimal moisture and heat transfer thanks to SK merino lining. Can also be worn together with a glove




PrimaLoft® is the synthetic insulation for warmth, water resistance, softness and compressibility. PrimaLoft® is an ultra-fine microfiber insulation that is as warm, soft and lightweight and is warmer wet or dry.
• Excellent thermally efficiency
• Lightweight and breathable
• Superior water resistance
• As warm, soft and compressible as down
• Dries faster than down
• Wind resistant

SK shield
SK shield
  • Stretchable insert, complete weather resistance against wind and humidity
  • Waterproof and windproof
  • Comfortable
  • W/P: 10.000 MM
SK Merino Wool

SK Merino Wool

Absorbs less moisture – keeps warm and dry
Warmth without weight

American white-tailed deer

American white-tailed deer

American white-tailed deer live in large areas or preserves, are free-roaming and not constrained. The deerskins are suitable for smooth or nappa leather dressing, the tanning is chrome tannage, with aniline-based water-repellent finish (not pigmented). Approx. 0.9 to 1.1 mm thick and with a soft, silicone-based dressing, this leather is ideally suited for gloves and clothing exposed to hard-wearing conditions. The skins are small-pored, when finished and dressed as described above they have low moisture and water absorbency and produce a decidedly soft crumpled, durable glove.


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