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Μάσκα Salice 609 White-Gold
  • Μάσκα Salice 609 White-Gold

Μάσκα Salice 609 White-Gold

Μάσκα Salice 609 White-Gold
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Double anti-fog vented

Mirror gold

Cat. S3

Developed with the ZEISS passion for optical precision since 1846, your lens has the most advanced technology in order to offer the maximum performance and protection to your eyes. ZEISS is an international leader in the manufacturing of optics for camera and cinema, binoculars, planetariums, microscopes, as well as prescription and sun lenses.

Astronauts, Google Earth, Nobel award winners and Hollywood directors have placed their trust in ZEISS precision optics, just as you did by purchasing goggles with lenses by ZEISS.


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