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Μπότες Σκι HEAD KORE 2 ANTHRACITE (2021), 600066
  • Μπότες Σκι HEAD KORE 2 ANTHRACITE (2021), 600066

Μπότες Σκι HEAD KORE 2 ANTHRACITE (2021)

Μπότες Σκι HEAD KORE 2 ANTHRACITE (2021)
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With the KORE 2 you follow your own paths. The combination of lightweight and performance meets your freeskiing needs. The new Superleggera buckles give your feet a precise and comfortable fit. The Ski-Hike mechanism provides a strong connection between cuff and shell. The security ratchet, for the upper cuff, is designed to keep the buckle open - but already in place - in the ascent phase, thus accelerating the closing for the downhill stage. The shell is infused with PU plastic material. For perfect fit, you can rely on 3D Customization. The Duo Flex gives you precise ski control through all phases of your turns. 








S 1850cc

Ergo Balance

EVO balance Forward Lean 14°, Ramp angle 4°


Grip Walk Option, Primaloft, Perfect Fit 3D, Form Fit, Liquid Fit, Graphene



PrimaLoft is a very lightweight, breathable material that provides effective thermal insulation. 

Perfect fit is the revolutionary system that ensures comfortable, performance-oriented customization in HEAD’s superb ski boots. The 3D pre-shaped construction has been developed to provide the maximum comfort and optimal adaptation to the foot shape. 

The FormFit plastics formulas hold stretches better than ever before for a perfect comfort with improved balance and control. 

The LIQUID FIT material provides the most precise and the quickest customization. The material’s density ensures the perfect mold in the most critical area of the boot, the ankle and heel pocket. It gives you the performance and precision of a foam liner, but as a liquid material, it is takes only 10 easy minutes to customize. PLEASE NOTE: A Liquid Fit ready boot must be customized at your local authorized dealer. 

GRAPHENE is the thinnest and lightest element ever discovered by mankind. GRAPHENE is also the strongest material on the planet, stronger than diamond and 300 times stronger than steel, all in the thickness of one atom. 


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