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Terms of use

Parnass.grisanonlinestore(hereinafterreferredtoas “STORE”) sellingski, snowboardandsportsequipment, bearingthebrandnameΚ. Χ. Papathanasiou (hereinaftercalled “COMPANY”), whichisbasedinDistomo, atthe 15thkilometeroftheProvincial Road Livadeia - Arachova, P.C 321 00, Telephone number 22670-22646, VAT number 044178520 of the Tax Office of Livadeia, and runs a store on the same road. The services of the STORE are offered under these terms of use and the privacy policy regarding personal data, which is an integral part of these terms. The visitor, while entering the “STORE” should carefully read these terms. The COMPANYmaymodifythese terms of use at any given time. On the other hand, the visitors, users bear the responsibility to periodically check if any such modifications to these terms of use have taken place. UsingtheonlineSTOREaftertheaforementionedmodificationshall be deemed as acceptance of the terms of use, as they were modified. IncaseofNON – ACCEPTANCE of any of the terms of use, the use of the online STORE is strictly PROHIBITED.

1. Offeredinformation & Products

TheSTORE is committed towards the quality ,the complete nessand the accuracy of the information detailed on its website, both with regards to the accuracy of the detail sand with regards to the services provided by its online store, subject to any technical or typographical errors, that can not be anticipated or have occurred involuntarily or subject to any hours of downtime of the site on the ground of force majeure.

2. Limitation of liability clause

The STORE is not liable towards its customers / users for any potential damages that may occur from the execution or non-execution of their order (except for the cases included in paragraph 9. “Product Returns”). It also offers no guaranties as regards to the delivery time of the merchandise in cases of force majeure. The STORE also cannot offer any guaranties as to the availability of the products, but ensures the timely notification of the final consumers on the products’ availability. TheSTOREoffersthecontent (e.g. information, names, pictures, illustrations), the products and the services on sale through its website "as is". InnocasedoestheSTORE (andhencetheCOMPANY) bearanyliabilityforanypotentialclaimsoflegalorcivilor/andpenalnatureorforanypotentialdamages (positive, special, orconsequential, whichindicativelybutnotlimitedto, disjunctivelyor/andcumulativelyresultinalossofprofit, data, lostprofit, monetary compensation etc.) from visitors of the website or third parties on grounds that are related to the operation or not operation or/and the use of the website or/and the inability to provide the services or/and information offered by it or/and any potential unauthorised third party interventions to products or/and services or/and information offered through it.

3. Copyrights

Thiswebsiteistheofficialonlinestoreofthe ‘’COMPANY’’. All the content of the website, includingthepictures, graphics, photographs, sketches, texts, offeredservicesandproductsare theintellectual propertyofthe “STORE” and are thus protected by the relevant provisions of the Greek law, the European law and the international conventions. Any act of copying, analog / digital recordingandmechanicalreproduction, distribution, transmission, downloading, modification, resale, creation of derivative works or misleading the public regarding who the true provider of the Content of the website is, is strictly prohibited. Any potential reproduction, republication, uploading, posting, transmission or broadcasting or any other use of the Content in any way or means for commercial or other purposes is only permitted with prior written permission of the “Company” or any other legal holder of these copyrights. The names, pictures, logos and distinctive features that represent the “COMPANY” or/and its online shop or/and third parties contracted with them, as well as their products or their services, are proprietary marks and trademarks of the “COMAPANY” or/and or/and the aforementioned third parties and are thus protected by the Greek, European and international trademark and industrial and intellectual property laws. In any case, their presence and appearance on the online store of the “COMPANY” should in no way be construed as a transfer or license or right to use them.

4. PersonalInformation

InordertousetheonlineSTOREitisnecessaryforyoutomake some of your personal data known. In order to complete an order, you will be asked to provide your full name, the address where you want the products on sale to be sent, your telephone number, your email etc. and in case you choose to pay via credit card, this information is transferred encrypted directly to the bank, without being communicated or stored in our online store. When filing your email address, you accept that all the necessary for the completion of the order notifications towards you may be sent to the email that you have stated.

5. PrivacyPolicy

WhenvisitingthepagesoftheSTOREandinordertoorderproducts, butalsotoensurethatwewillbeabletocontactyousoastoinformyouaboutnewproducts, youmaybeaskedtoprovidesomepersonalinformation (name, occupation, email, dateofbirthetc.). The personal information that you may provide anywhere on the pages and the services of the website, is exclusively intended to ensure the operation of the corresponding service and is not allowed to be used by any third parties, without complying with the provisions of Law 2472/97 regarding the protection of personal data, as in force at any given time. The online STORE operates in accordance with the Greek and European legislation and secures your personal data for as long as you are registered to any of the services of and the data is then deleted after the expiration of the trading relationship. The personal data you provide to the STORE is solely used by it, with the aim of supporting and carrying out the trading relationship. The kept data of the record may be communicated to the competent judicial, police and other administrative authorities upon legal request and in accordance with the pertinent legislation. The Client holds the rights, within the framework of the privacy of telecommunication law, of information and refusal provided in the articles 11 to 13 of Law 2472/1997.

6. Purchase of products

During the process of purchasing products, but also that of completing the order, the user is guided step by step by the automated system. The order shall be filed. Upon completing the order, a message will be sent to the user via email, which will confirm the receipt of the order. Also, the STORE has the right to communicate with the user vial telephone, in order to confirm the order. If an error occurs during the execution of the order and the STORE is responsible for it, the latter is under the obligation to compensate for the error. In any case, the user, before completing the order, will be able to check the order and correct it.

7. PricesonProductsforSale

Inthepriceslistedasfinalprice (“Ourprice”), nexttoeachproducttherespectivestatutory VAT is included. Thepriceslisteddonotincludetheshippingcosts. The total cost (including the shipping costs) is confirmed during the completion of the order.

8. Shipping – AvailabilityofProducts

Shipmentswillbecarriedouttothelocationindicatedbythecustomer, viaoneoftheavailableshippingwayschosen by the client during the purchase process. As long as the product which has been ordered is in stock in our warehouse and as long as there are no other reasons that force us to temporarily or permanently suspend the sale of a product, an effort will be made to execute the shipments in 24-72 hours.

9. Guarantee of Products on Sale

All the products that are on sale in our store are covered by a guarantee provided by the company which produces the product, with our mediation. The warranty of each product may vary, depending on the product and the guarantee policy of each company.

The guarantee of a product does not in any case cover:

  1.       Damage causedbyimproperhandling, misuseandifthebindings have not been installed by us.
  2.       Inanycase, andduetothevastvolumeofdifferentproducts, ourcompanyisalwaysatyourdisposaltocovenanyenquiriesyoumayhaveregardingtheguaranteepolicyoftheproductorproductsthatinterestyou, eitherinwriting, telephoneorinanyotherappropriateway. Wearealsohappytoinformyouregardingtheprovideroftheguarantee, thewarrantyperiod, therectificationperiod, aswellasanyotherrelevantinformation.

10. ApplicableLawandJurisdiction

Thesetermsofuse, theuseoftheonlineSTOREaswellasthetransactionsthroughit, aregoverned by the Greek Law. In case one of these terms is to be deemed void or voidable, this voidance will not affect the validity of the other terms. The Courts of Livadeia are competent to resolve any dispute that may arise through the use of the online STORE or regarding the interpretation or application of these terms or on account of them.