HEAD Globe FMR + Sparelens blue (2020)
  • HEAD Globe FMR + Sparelens blue (2020)

HEAD Ski Goggle Globe FMR + Sparelens blue (2021)

HEAD Ski Goggle Globe FMR + Sparelens blue (2021)
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The GLOBE FMR is a brand new goggle with a big, bold toric lens design. This double lens offers top-of-the-line UV protection and anti-fogging qualities, while its frameless construction creates a modern outline that is perfectly helmet compatible. The goggle's Speed Snap Lens Exchange system allows lenses to be swopped on the go and also include a spare lens for cloudy conditions.

Color:  FMR blue
Lens:  FMR blue:  S3, VLT 12%
Sparelens:  Orange:  S1, VLT 57%

S3: Bright and sunny conditions require a dimming lens tone

S1: For cloudy and snowy days on the mountain 

Toric lens: Toric lenses are curved in a way which avoids optical distortion and adds a bold, modern look to the goggle

Double lens: the polycarbonate double lens is a lightweight lens, that provides 100% UV protection and is 10 times more impact-resistant than conventional glass or plastic. It is therefore th ideal lens for mountain sports

UV400 & Anti Fog: UV400 & Anti Fog refers to the intense UV protective qualities of HEAD lenses and their ability to minimise fogging. The light on the mountain is intense so you need the best protection possible as well as anti-fogging qualities to maintain the best visibility

Extreme Wide Field of Vision: HEAD's goggles with an extra wide field of vision are perfect for racers, allowing a tight aerodynamic tuck without impaired vision.

FMR: FMR is HEAD's flashy mirror finish to their lenses providing added protection against sunlight. light on the mountain is intense so riders needs the best protection possible.

Triple Layer Foam: Dual-density Comfort Foam with Microfleece is a bonded foam with a soft fleece for added comfort. the two foams serve different purposes, including anti-fogging, climate regulation and padding while the fleece creates the ideal comfort layer between goggle and skin.

Venting Foam: Venting foam allows the transfer of air, heat and moisture. when used in our goggles it prevents fogging and creates the ideal climate inside a pair of goggles.

Speed Snap Lens Exchange: Speed Snap Lens Exchange is a fast and easy lens exchange system. Lenses snap in and out quickly and easily allowing a rider to keep up with the changing light conditions. Step 1: Take the goggle in both hands, olacing one hand on main frame and one on the lens. Step 2: Start detaching the lens from the main frame, starting from the top. Step 3: Disconnect the remaining hooks from the main frame, in circular order. Step 4: Take off the lens. To reconnect the lens, follow the instructions in reverse order. Start from the side an simply press the snpa hooks into the main frame, ending on the top.

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