Parnass enables you to return or replace the product you have purchased within 14 calendar days, for any reason you may wish.

Returns when we shall be charged

In all cases where our fault is proven:

1) Product of poor or faulty quality (destroyed during transport).

2) Wrong product, mistake when taking the order, at pricing or receipt.


In each case the product should be in perfect condition, complete and without any damage. The packaging of the returned product should be the one that normally accompanies the product and should be in perfect condition, together with all the papers and the original purchase documents.


Returns when the client shall be charged

In case a client changes their mind and wishes to return the product they have purchased, they should bear in mind that the product should not have been used, should be in the same condition as the one it was received in, the packaging should be the same with the one it was delivered in and accompanied by all the papers and the original purchase documents.


Means of Return - Replacement

You can return – replace a product at our store or we can collect it from you place:

-If there has been a problem with regard to the order or the product itself, delivery will be free of charge.

- If there has been a change of mind:

  •          In case we deliver it you will be notified via email regarding the cost.
  •         Throughacourierofyourchoiceat your own charge.


Returns will only be accepted if:

Money refund in cases of product returns:

In cases where products are returned, refunds will be carried out with one of the following ways:

  •          Cancellation of credit card’s billing  or
  •         Refundvia bank deposit


 * Returns on skis that have been drilled to fit your boots shall not be accepted.