> T he padding consists of an elaborated

mix of fibres which gives a soft touch and wearing

resistance at the same time.

> T hermore TM K® is machine washable and dry-cleanable.

> T he article is protected from fibre migration.

> T he SR (space reduction) process allows a variance in the

thickness of a chosen weight without a proportional loss

in thermal value. For example, the COMP ACT version has

been reduced 50% in thickness with only a 10% reduction

in warmth.



PrimaLoft is incredibly soft, lightweight, breathable with

excellent water repellency so you remain dry, warm and

comfortable — even under the most extreme conditions.




Dermizax is a waterproof and windproof, yet extremely

breathable fabric. Its membrane is made of polyurethane

(PU) and works not using micropores, but according the

principle of molecular movement.

Molecules of water vapor are drawn to the inner clothing layer

and then transported directly to the outside. The greater the

temperature difference between the inside and outside of your

clothes, the more breathable Dermizax becomes.

Derm izax EV

watercolumn 20.000 mm

breathability 20.000 g/m2 – 24h

Derm izax

watercolumn 20.000 mm

breathability 10.000 g/m2 – 24h



inish provides protection against light rain and the wearer. In addition to that the highquality waterrepellentmakes this fabric windproof and gives an additional beneitThe weaving construction combined with the downproof inishingrip-stop construction provides an excellent tearing strength.of 49 g/m2. Eventough the fabric has a very soft handfeel theNylon rip-stop fabric from Long Advance, which has a weightLightness and ineness are the main arguments for thisLONG ADVANCE LIGHT DOWNPROOFwaterrepellent effect on the fabric surface.protects the fabric against raindrops and guarantees an excellentadditional protection to this fabric. The waterrepellent inishto the PU membrane a highquality waterrepellent inish giveswill not affect the garment made out of this fabric. In additionbreathability all the time. Even the worst weather conditionssuperior protection against rain and snow and and keep itswatercolumn and 10000 g/m2/24 vapor permeability gives aThe highquality PU membrane with a function of 10000 mmfreedom of movement for all kinds of activities.Long Advance is crosswise stretchable and allows optimalThis Nylon mechanical stretch 2-layer fabric fromLONG ADVANCE